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Title: The Perfect Wife (part 11 of 12, COMPLETE, ~8000 words)
Pairing: H/D
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bottom!Draco. Slash. Pseudo-heterosexuality. Mindfuck. Consent of the most dubious sort, edging into non-con, or possibly doing a cannonball straight into the middle of that particular dark pool. Identity confusion of all sorts. Boys with breasts (1); boys who like boys with breasts (1). Did I mention breasts? Don't let them scare you. Daddy kink. OOC-ness and deliberately fluffy cutesy feminine name changes. Some sadistic tendencies. Object insertion - cos I like plugs, seemingly. Comeplay, I think, or something very like it. Anorexia and forced feeding, or close enough as makes no nevermind. Forced feminization, for sure. Intimations of mpreg and forced breeding. Excessive use of endearments. Wait, where are you going...?

Summary: He can't remember what he was like before he lost his memory, but the person in the mirror doesn't really feel like him.

Author's Note: I've wised up, a little: I finally learned to complete a thing before I post it. Many, many thanks to [ profile] paean_sf for beta-reading, ego-stroking, holding my hand, and suffering through about a zillion mood swings draft changes over the course of four days. (And then some!)

This has been extended into 12 parts, for your reading pleasure. Today's is a short one, but tomorrow's will make up for it. :D


He's having the strangest dream.

It starts out so beautifully, with Harry touching his breasts. His nipples are sore, but Harry's touch is gentle, a barely-there caress. It's nice. It gets so much better, though, when Harry kneads all around them with his fingertips. It makes Draco's breasts ache, but they feel so good at the same time, sending little ripples of pleasure straight to his cock.

But there's a pointed stick stabbing at his bloated belly, disturbing his lovely dream. His hands flop feebly when he tries to push the wand away.

"Keep her still, mate - I can't see."

The voice is vaguely familiar, but Draco can't pin a name to it. He thinks it must come from the telling-box.

Harry's hands slide down to grip Draco's hips, pinning Draco's arms under his. Draco doesn't want this - he wants Harry's hands back on his breasts, and opens his mouth to say so. But all he can manage is a garbled moan. His tongue is dry and too-thick, refusing to cooperate.

"Well, this is much better than I expected," the stranger says cheerfully. "I think we're definitely on the right track."

The wand pokes Draco's belly again, just as he's hit with a particularly vicious cramp. He cries out and tries to roll away from the wand. Harry's hands won't let him move.

His voice is a low rumble in Draco's ear. "So it's really working, then?"

"It's trying. See how her magic has pooled here? That's perfect - that's exactly what we're looking for."

"Perfect," Harry murmurs. His hands are tight on Draco's hips, gripping hard enough to bruise.

"She's already responding to the powdered unicorn horn - she's priming up to create life. And this is her magic working to make a space to grow that life into."

Draco shivers through another sharp pain in his belly.

"So is she--"

"Not yet," the stranger says. "But it shouldn't be too long now. We just need to convince her magic to interact with the residual magic in your sperm, instead of simply feeding off the extra energy. But how well that works should depend on how receptive she is to you. Theoretically, anyway."

"She's been very receptive so far," Harry drawls. His hands come back up to cup Draco's breasts; he rolls them in his palms, gently squeezing. Draco arches his back, pushing his chest into Harry's hands, moaning in a wordless plea for more.

"So I see," the voice says dryly. "She'll be preggers tomorrow at this rate."

Harry laughs at that, pinching Draco's breasts hard enough that he yelps in pain.

"Right then, Harry," the stranger says. "She's nearly used up this lot, so you can give her another go tonight. And let's keep it at the same dosage on the unicorn horn for now--"

"About that," says Harry. "It's making her sick, I think. She's not eating."

"So feed her more often," says the voice. "Keep her nibbling all day long if you have to. She's only going to want a few bites at a time - I'm sure she's feeling very full."

"Plugged up right and tight," Harry says with dark satisfaction. "Aren't you, babygirl," he murmurs in Draco's ear.

Draco whines as Harry's fingers give his nipple a particularly sharp twist.

"Ah, Harry," the stranger says with a laugh. "What a wonderfully pervy lad you've turned out to be. Just make sure you remember those cleansing spells - you really don't want a kid with shit for brains."

"Ha. Very ha. And, speaking of - how's Pansy, then?"

There's another sharp bark of laughter. "Daft as ever. But ridiculously easy to impregnate, especially when compared with your little darling. You should have picked out a proper girl."

"I could have," says Harry. "But I wanted the perfect one."

part 12
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