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NC-17 And No One Else, Ever Again: Harry is continually surprised by Malfoy's willingness to please. D/s, rimming.

NC-17 Blackmail: Harry ups the ante. Dub-con, D/s, stalker!Harry.

PG-13 Boy Hero: Draco's night out trick-or-treating with his son abruptly turns into something much more complicated. Mpreg.

NC-17 Catboy!Malfoy: Malfoy's animagus transformation goes awry, leaving Harry with a very affectionate cat-boy on his hands. Incomplete. Dub-con, catboy!Draco.

NC-17 Glass: It was such a pretty thing, nestled in its bed of satin. D/s, object insertion.

NC-17 In This Light: The first time Draco says the word, it just sortof slips out. Daddy!kink, D/s.

R Resistance: Something has changed, something deep and fundamental inside himself, making his blood burn like molten steel in his veins. Dub-con, Veela!Harry.

NC-17 The Perfect Wife: He can't remember what he was like before he lost his memory...but the person in the mirror doesn't really feel like him. Dub-con, mindfuck, Daddy!kink, intersexed!Draco, and a whole host of kinks.


--Between 'Verse--
NC-17 Between A Boy And A Girl: Mummy loves her little girl. Daddy just needs to fuck him. Warnings for just about everything under the sun.
NC-17 From One Girl To Another: He's Mummy's little girl now, but he was Pansy's girl first. Incomplete. Warnings ahoy, including the dreaded WIP.
Daddy's Little Girl: They were past the point of letting go. It wants to be written!


NC-17 A Year And A Day: It’s not just about the debt anymore. Slavery, D/s, kink.

NC-17 Stuck: Malfoy was alone, as far as Al could see. There was no sign of whoever had recently used and abandoned him. Dub-con.

R Unwanted: He's a pretty thing... Double-drabble. Dub-con.


PG-13 Gorgeous: Scorpius prowls while Harry fantasizes. Cross-gen, drabble.

NC-17 I Think I Saw A Porno Like This Once: It has to be a hallucination, because otherwise Harry is going straight to hell. Cross-gen, object insertion, rimming.

NC-17 Show Me: Sometimes words aren't enough. And sometimes, they really need to be said. Cross-dressing, cross-gen, Daddy!kink.


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