Nov. 21st, 2012

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Beta and cheerleader wanted... Just in general - I don't have anything finished right now. But I have two fest fics that I need to write, plus an epic slave 'verse thing that presently owns my brain, and I am having trouble with my ideas.

I don't need SPaG help, but I do need someone who understands story construction. My main problems are plot and confidence. I have ideas in mind but I either can't get them started or I can't get them finished. I want someone I can talk to about them & who would be willing to give me feedback as I go. I do need my hand held quite a bit, I have to admit. Not in a "write my story for me" kind of way, but just a "waaaaaauuugh I suck" kind of way. Sometimes I just need a "you can do it" to get me past the point where my depression keeps telling me I can't.

My masterlist covers most of the pairings & kinks I write, though the epic slave 'verse I mentioned will include everything but the kitchen sink (slash, het, & femmeslash of all kinds, plus kinks galore).

Please help!

Thanks to everyone who responded! I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of responses I've received - I really didn't expect so many. Now I've got to get myself organized...that's the hard part. ;)


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