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[ profile] hpvalensmut♥ starts posting tomorrow! There'll be one in there from me at some point, I don't know when exactly. You will probably know it when you see it, I'm not all that good at blending in.

As for the rest - I am pretty much stuck, altogether, on everything. :\ Everything! I just keep spinning my tires, 'round and 'round. :(
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Happy New Year, y'all. :) Wishing everyone the best in 2012.
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So I'm too depressed to write at the moment. I'm committed to finishing my valensmut fic, one word at a time if I have to...but everything else is on hold until sometime in the new year.
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So, status update.

From One Girl To Another: I am once again stuck in mid-chapter. I'm taking a bit of a breather - no sense in forcing anything. Herself is being difficult, she either wants to be mindlessly cruel or weepily forgiving, but there is no in between - and in between is what I'm aiming for. Bloody red-headed menace.

Catboy!Malfoy: It's not abandoned, I just haven't been in the mood. Sorry. :\

sequel to A Year And A Day: I am still pondering it, but so far I can't make anything work to my satisfaction. I will keep picking at the idea a bit longer, though.

various [ profile] hd_owlpost fics: I wanted to do a little something for each, though as more names get added that idea is looking more and more unfeasible. I WAS trying to do little fics, anything from a drabble to 500 words. But apparently I can't DO little fics. The first one's already up to 1500 words and is just barely getting underway. Ditto the second one I've tried. And my third idea is also looking as though it's going to need more space than I want to give it. These are meant to be comment-sized! They are never going to fit into a comment, ever. Woe.

So, that's the state of the fic, if anybody out there happened to be wondering.

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I seem to have misplaced my muse...has anyone see her? :(
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I'm baaaaack! London was brill, the archaeology dig was AMAZING, and I wish I was still there. :(

Still struggling with my Al/Scor fest fic, and maybe have a bit of direction for the Between sequel...fingers crossed!

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Just an FYI...

Everything is currently on hiatus until 8/29, as I have to catch a plane so that I can board a train at King's Cross. :D

I'm going to be working on a fest fic while I'm traveling, and then when I get back we'll see where I stand on other things. Catboy isn't abandoned by any means. The sequel to Between may or may not happen - it's not giving me any leads at this point, and I've only got a few scenes worked out. We shall see.
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I just finished it.

I actually finished the damn thing.

18,484 words.


Sure, it's crap, and I don't know what it means, and it freaks me the hell out. But it's also the first story I can remember finishing, ever, in 35 years. Not counting anything I ever wrote for school.

Not only that, but there's a sequel brewing.

WTF, my brain? If you're going to let me write something, can't it be something that people actually want to read? Pleeeease?

Anyway. Will finish posting later. Just wanted to have a little victory dance.
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Chapter 1: My Fair Lady
Chapter 2: Madness
Chapter 3: The Grand Scheme Of Things
Chapter 4: Like A Glove

Chapter 4 is now unlocked and open to the public.

Chapter 5 is proving to be a bit of Devil's Snare. I haven't given up, but it may take a while for me to work through it. :(


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